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Waves Launches a New Project for Blockchain Game Developers

Waves Blockchain Project
Written by Paul Gimmicks

Crypto money and Blockchain platform Waves has announced a new project regarding the game developers. They aim to create new tools to integrate and adopt Blockchain technology with various games.

According to the latest reports, Waves has raised a new fund which has a value of one million Waves. This fund is for supporting and motivating the developers of the Waves Blockchain platform.

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Waves has raised a fund to motivate the developers

The team behind Waves will drive the game developers to develop the games with Waves Blockchain technology. With a new series of support tools, coders will quickly integrate the Waves functions into their Blockchain games.

Above all, new Waves fund will boost the interest of the developers on the platform. Sasha Ivanov, who is the founder and the CEO of Waves, stated that the project proves the versatility of the Waves technology.

This initiative was launched to showcase the versatility of Waves technology and stimulate its adoption in such an important industry as gaming. I believe that the gaming sector will be an enthusiastic adopter of blockchain and will drive its widespread use. Given the mutual opportunity here, we are more than ready to reward developers for the effort they make in implementing their projects within Waves ecosystem.

Waves is in search of teams which will integrate Waves Blockchain to their games

Recently, Waves Team has published smart-contracts. Besides, they are also working on generating non-fungible tokens. It is a critical development due to contribution to the continuously increasing Blockchain games all over the world.

Currently, Waves Team is searching for game developers who are interested in transferring their games into the Waves platform. They are also in search of teams who will integrate Waves Blockchain network to their games. Additionally, they are also seeking for users who will incorporate Waves into their products.

Waves Blockchain is aiming to merge the cryptocurrency and crypto gaming markets with its products and services

Waves has got features which makes it an exceptional network. It lets tokens to be generated quickly. It also includes complex tokens which are strongly encrypted. Above all, it consists of a software development set and many other useful tools.

Crypto gaming market and cryptocurrency market is continuously expanding. Waves has got a mission of uniting the two worlds with its Blockchain products and services. With the aid of tokenisation, it will become possible for all of the items to be individual and to be progressed swiftly until the creation time.

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