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What Will be The Key Issues of the Crypto Ecosystem in 2019?

2019 Crypto Market Predictions
Written by Paul Gimmicks

Crypto ecosystem is currently focusing on the critical issues of 2019 after a year full of many FUDs (Fears, uncertainty, and doubts). We have compiled the possible developments which will carry a game-changer importance and the most talked over issues of 2018.

Stable Coins

Stable coins were one of the most important actors of 2018, and it is foreseeable that they will carry the same importance in 2019. Recently, one of the two hottest developments in stable coin market is the strong US Dollar reserve of Tether in a Bahama bank and Facebook’s primary focus on Indian crypto market for launching a stable coin.


Scalability limits in crypto market networks have tested the highest ever levels last year. Transaction durations have overextended, and Crypto Kitties has failed on the Ethereum and Bitcoin transaction costs. These two negative issues caused a need for procurement in the scalability area.

The increased block size of the Bitcoin Lightning network and Raiden network for the ERC20 and Ethereum family were the solutions we faced for the typical constraints of the Blockchain.

As 2018 was the year of test-driving for all of these projects, we will see the clear outcomes and impacts on the crypto ecosystem either as positive or negative in 2019.

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Will STOs replace ICOs in the end?

Funds which were accumulated by the ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) have been sharply decreased during 2018 as you can see from the below graph. On the other hand, STOs (Security Token Offerings) seem to gain strength although the data is not enough to compare correctly yet.

The fundamental difference between ICO and STO tokens is that ICO tokens can be used as a currency, but STO tokens can only be used for a specific asset. For example, an ongoing STO enables its investors to purchase the stocks of a construction company which builds houses in Sweden.

Monthly Cryptocurrency and ICO Market Analysis 2018

Monthly Cryptocurrency and ICO Market Analysis 2018

One of the significant advantages of the STOs is being compatible with the existing laws (except the case in China) and not requiring a new regulation. But in the United States, we can observe specific regulations for some of the mass sales.

The adaptation process of the crypto ecosystem

Although the crypto market prices have been in declining (mostly volatile) trend in 2018, the users of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies continued to increase in numbers. Blockchain wallet users are continuously growing as you may observe from the below graph.

Blockchain Wallet Users Monthly Graph 2018

Blockchain Wallet Users Monthly Graph 2018

Corporate and regulatory normalisation

Especially the first month of 2019 seems to be impressive! The main topic of January would be the “Bakkt” for sure. January will show us whether the “Bakkt” will be launched or be delayed again.

The partnership platform between Starbucks, Microsoft and NYSE owner Intercontinental Exchange will not be the only formation which will transit to crypto ecosystem from the traditional stock exchange. Stuttgart and Nasdaq stock exchanges will follow them.

Regulatory organisations are also in a transformational process. Institutions like IMF are focusing more on the opportunities of Blockchain-based assets. SEC is becoming a more dominant regulator of the market. A long-delayed ETF will most probably be approved in 2019, and the prices will be affected positively in parallel to this development.

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