Bitcoin gambling is undoubtedly the most straightforward way when compared with old-fashioned gaming types. But there are some essential and fundamental things to know.

That is why we prepared this comprehensive Bitcoin gambling guide for you. You will find all of the crucial information you need to get familiar with BTC gaming.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin in Internet Gambling?

Bitcoin Gambling GuideIt is not debatable that BTC cryptocurrency is the ideal choice for online casinos. In this gambling guide, we mention BTC as a representative of all of the other cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Dash, etc.).

Betting with traditional deposit and withdrawal methods have always been troublesome for the online gamblers. Especially, transaction difficulties and country restrictions are the main drawbacks.

Additionally, there are lengthy delays in funding and the cashouts of the casino accounts. Even more, credit cards are usually banned and blacklisted.

Anonymous, Easy and Economical

Using Bitcoin gives you not only the privilege of hiding your identity and your transactions but also enables much lower transaction fees.

Above all, you are not obliged to have in-depth knowledge and experience in cryptocurrencies or Blockchain technology. Bitcoin wallet operates precisely similar to a Bank account or e-payment wallet.

It will not take more than a few minutes for you to be familiar and get involved with your Bitcoin transactions. Anonymous yet interference-free deposits and withdrawals will make you feel relaxed.

We also compiled a top list of trustworthy Bitcoin casinos by testing each of them. You may feel free to play at one or more of the below Bitcoin gambling sites for the unique BTC gaming experience.

Top 3 Bitcoin Gambling Sites

RankCryptocurrency Casino / ReviewGet StartedSign-Up BonusPlayer Rating


Playamo Casino Read Review VISIT €/$300 Welcome Bonus
150 Free Spins
4.82/5 (158)

2 Read Review VISIT Up to 5 BTC
75 Free Spins
4.83/5 (59)


Bitstarz Casino Read Review VISIT Up to 5 BTC or €500
180 Free Spins
4.74/5 (47)
Full List of Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin-Friendly Casino Sites

Each day a new Bitcoin casino site is entering the crypto gambling industry. As cryptocurrency gambling becomes more and more popular, all of the existing old-tech casinos are adding BTC gambling to their services.

Bitcoin-friendly casinos are offering large welcome bonus packages. They consist of free spins, deposit match bonuses, and loyalty rewards.

Besides the above lucrative promotional activities, they also reassure their customers by offering Provably Fair powered games. It is an algorithmic software that enables the players to check and confirm the outcomes of the games.

How does Bitcoin gambling work, and is it convenient?

Bitcoin Casino Games

An increasing number of Bitcoin games are flourishing continuously. It means that players have the boundless opportunities to play and win with their Bitcoins.

There are 1,000+ Bitcoin games to play in the market. They all offer relatively lower house edges with different characteristics. We aim to guide you on choosing the best possible alternatives on the internet.

Bitcoin Sports Betting

Bitcoin Sports BettingAs you know, gambling is not limited to casino games. There is also one other favorite type, which is sports betting. Numerous online bettors around the world are betting on sports events.

The spectacular benefits of Bitcoin have made it an excellent choice for the internet bookies and their customers. Decentralized operations, personal and financial anonymity, and high-speed in payments with lower fees are the hitting advantages!

BTC Slots

BTC SlotsSlot games are one of the most popular and thrilling BTC gaming types. The wide variety of game selections make them highly enjoyable for the gamblers.

Bitcoin slots are even more gripping due to speed, privacy, and low transaction costs. Innovative advantages of cryptocurrencies are increasingly attracting the operators’ and players’ attention more and more each day.


Bitcoin RouletteAnother charming game type is Bitcoin Roulette. Every gambler knows that luck is the most critical factor in Roulette games. But besides chance, there are other significant determinants of winning.

First of all, you have to be sure that you are playing at a trustworthy casino. Thanks to Provably Fair Bitcoin gambling technology! It allows you to confirm the Roulette game outcomes for maximum safety.


PokerWho has not played a Poker game in his or her life? Every gamester has most probably played Poker with fiat money. But how about playing Poker with Bitcoins?

Bitcoin Poker has got many competitive advantages to traditional Poker play. Not only the meager transactional fees but also significantly faster and safer operations are the superiorities.

Blackjack (21)

BlackjackAlternatively known as “21”, Blackjack is one of the enchanting casino games. Playing online Blackjack is even more intriguing sure to plenty of benefits. But there are still some obstacles related to old online Blackjack gaming.

These are; higher costs, country restrictions, and complicated transactions. Bitcoin Blackjack is conveniently at your service to compete with all of these headaches.

Binary (Digital) Options Trading

Bitcoin Binary Options Trading with BitcoinsCan a financial trading instrument also be considered as a type of game? If we are talking about Binary or Digital Options, the answer would be “Yes”. Because of the high-risk nature, many of the plungers prefer to bet on Binary Options trading.

Truth to be told, there is a better way of trading Binaries, which is Bitcoin Binary Options. It is the perfect combination of cryptocurrency dynamism and financial trading.

Forex (FX) Trading

Bitcoin Forex TradingBesides to Binary Options, there is one other financial trading game which is namely Bitcoin Forex trading. It is also highly popular among the bookmakers due to its speculative winning potential.

If we consider the high volatility of the Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency market, trading Bitcoins is ideal for the greedy gamblers. 24-hour trading is the other opportunity that is similar to online gambling.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Without any bit of doubt, welcome bonuses are one of the most effective decision-making factors when choosing a Bitcoin casino. Knowing this fact, BTC casinos are continuously announcing new and lucrative promotion packages.

Bonus packages not only make the gaming process more profitable but also welcome the new players warmly. Briefly, we can group the main categories of the Bitcoin bonuses as follows:

BTC Casino Software Brands

Software companies of the casinos are precisely similar to the engines of the cars. When you buy a car, you look for the specifications and quality of the engine. The same situation is valid for the casinos.

As we all know, there are numerous software brands present in the industry. Although few of them are the leading ones (like NetEnt, Playtech, etc.), there are other top-quality ones as well. Our mission is to enlighten you for all of the best Bitcoin casino software in the market.

What are the Most Suitable Games to Play with Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the smoothest deposit and withdrawal method for all of the crypto games. So there is no particular answer to the most suitable gaming categories.

Recently, most of the new Bitcoin casinos prefer to focus on Bitcoin exclusively. But there are hybrid ones who accept both fiat money and cryptocurrencies as well.

There is no difference in the usage methodology of the cryptocurrencies. Your gaming category preference can be casino games, poker, sports betting, or even Forex and Binary Options.

Which Bitcoin Gambling Site to Choose?

Which Bitcoin gambling sites to choose?Naturally, every gambler has its selection criteria. So, it would be extremely illogical to define the best Bitcoin gambling site or sites.

It’s all about the players’ priorities! While attractive bonuses are the determinant for a player, this may not be the case for the other player.

But generally, players tend to look for the highest bonus offers and rich games portfolio.

Our Selection Criteria

We, as a Team, analyze five critical factors in our Bitcoin casino reviews. Below you will find brief information on each of them:

1) Security

Not only in gambling, but at all stages of our lives, safety is the or at least should be the primary concern! If a BTC casino is not secure, then what is the use of other positive factors!

Think of an insecure bank! Who wants to deposit his or her money to that bank? No one for sure! The same situation is valid with the casinos. Because you deposit your money, and you should trust them wholeheartedly!

The above reality is the driving force for us to give utmost importance to the secureness of a gambling site. Therefore, we importantly look for a Provably Fair certificate on the casino games.

Besides, we also investigate scam alerts on the internet, RNG (Random Number Generator), and TST (Technical Systems Testing) certifications as well.

2) Software

All of the gaming quality and security levels of a casino depend on the software being used. Not a single casino can be considered as an excellent one without using a reputed software brand!

Playing at a poor-software casino may most probably become a suffering experience. It’s not only about quality and security but also about fairness, functionality, and outcomes.
Good software is easy-to-use, snappy, and reliable. We assess all those factors when reviewing different online gambling sites. Some of the other factors we consider include the amount of clutter, system requirements, amount of confusion or spam, and overall functionality.

Without any bit of doubt, we can plainly state that reliability, fairness, user-friendliness, and the premium online gambling software can only achieve character.

3) Bitcoin-Exclusive

Bitcoin-only casino sites are in our primary concern as we believe in the future of the crypto gambling industry. But this does not mean that we do not review hybrid casinos that accept both traditional currencies and Bitcoins.

The reason behind our fundamental focus on Bitcoin-centric casinos is straightforward and logical!

First of all, playing with Bitcoins is far more straightforward, effective, and confidential. Secondly, BTC-only gambling sites offer more bonus opportunities in BTC cryptocurrency.

Please kindly keep in mind that every crypto gambling site you find on this guide, accept Bitcoin. But their cryptocurrency alternatives are not limited to BTC.

Besides, they also offer other cryptocurrency alternatives as; Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, etc. As a matter of course, more possibilities mean more opportunities for the crypto gamblers.

4) Promotional Campaigns and Bonuses

The most effective and widely-used marketing weapon of the Bitcoin casinos is promotional packages and incentives.

Each new player is like fresh blood flowing in the body of the BTC casino sites. They know that they should treat them excellently to make them stay and continuously spend money on gambling.

Offering bonuses is a similar process of rebaiting by the fishermen. To fish with nets, casinos prefer to offer massive bonus campaigns.

Players love to get higher amounts of bonus money to their deposits. Therefore, they are continuously seeking for higher percentages in bonuses.

Knowing the above fact, we are crawling the web for the top bonus offers and present them to you. Besides, we give utmost importance to keep our top lists with up to date bonus information.

5) Player Support

Without a competent player support team, online gambling would be like walking in the dark.

Every gambler needs one or more critical help throughout their gaming sessions at a casino. The correlation between adequate support and a satisfying gambling experience is spectacularly high.

Rapid responses with convincing guidance will surely make the gamblers feel comfortable and secure. That is why we feature those casinos with higher rankings.

The number of support channels is also another ranking factor for us. The more the alternatives, the higher the ranking!

Especially, Live-Chat and Contact Form are essential methods for the players. But offering a phone support line and FAQ section is even better indeed.

Bitcoin-Exclusive or Hybrid Casinos?

We have a common observation that hybrid casinos that accept both Bitcoin and fiat currencies are more preferrable by the gamblers.

Bitcoin-exclusive casinos operate more smoothly and rapidly than the hybrid or fiat money casinos. But some players prefer to deposit via Bitcoin and withdraw via old-fashioned money or vice versa.

If we are talking on casino games, there is a tendency to play them at Bitcoin-only casinos. But the trend is for the favor of hybrid casinos in online sports betting and poker games.

After all, it is up to you to choose Bitcoin-exclusive or hybrid casino brands according to your personal gambling preferences.

Is BTC the Only Cryptocurrency to Gamble?

In this guide and in general, we are mentioning Bitcoin as the representative of more than 1,600 cryptocurrencies (according to Wikipedia, as of 19 August 2018).

Honestly, there are other widely-used cryptocurrencies in crypto gambling including but not limited to:

  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Dash (DASH)

The operation of a crypto casinos does not vary according to the cryptocurrency types. We only see the difference in the bonus campaigns. Most of the casinos tend to offer bonuses in fiat money deposits.

Nevertheless, there are casino sites that offer cryptocurrency-exclusive bonus opportunities, too.

In general, top cryptocurrencies are offered by the casinos. But, we even see the double-digit number of crypto money alternatives served by a few casinos as well.

Once the platform is set up, it’s relatively easy for the sites to add support for other cryptocurrencies. More support will likely be rolled out soon.

To sum up, the more cryptocurrency options you have, the more you are free to choose. Who does not prefer “many” to “few”?


Q: Is Bitcoin gambling illegal?

No, it is legal, but naturally, there are country-specific laws and regulations.

Q: What are Bitcoin casinos?

They are the casino sites that accept Bitcoin as a deposit or withdrawal method.

Q: What is the best Bitcoin casino?

There is not a single answer to this question. You may refer to our recommendation lists for the best Bitcoin casinos.