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A Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology (Infographic)

Bitcoin Blockchain Technology
Written by Paul Gimmicks

Since 3 January 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto (anonymous person) found the first cryptocurrency namely “Bitcoin“, every people is talking about these highly innovative payment methods.

Main attractive point is the anonymity of the ownership accounts.  Secondly, the ultrafast speed in transactions. Thirdly, meagre fees due to bypassing of the banks and other third-party financial institutions.

What is Blockchain Technology?

It is not debatable that Blockchain technology is the most famous invention in the financial and gambling industry. It can be widely used in all sectors as well.

At its purest form, it is a decentralised online ledger which keeps track of senders and receivers anonymously. Below infographic will lighten your way through this innovative tool.

Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology (infographic)

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