Out of the thousands of online Bitcoin Casinos, Roulette is one of the oldest gambling games. In the 17th century, casino games were introduced in France. The name of the game was after the French word “Roulette” which means a little wheel.

After its invention, the game has gone viral in the gambling world. From then the game became famous among all the gamblers because of which the Bitcoin casinos made sure to include Roulette in their casino games.

Top Bitcoin Roulette Casinos

Are you facing trouble in choosing the best Bitcoin Roulette casino? Well, to make it picking the top casino easier, we have mentioned the best Bitcoin Roulette casinos below. Also, the pros and cons of the casinos are given for the convenience of the gamblers.

Additionally, the list is made after suggestions and reviews of gambling experts. So, click on any of the reviews of the Bitcoin Roulette Casinos given below and learn its roulette bonuses. The list of the casinos is from the top favorites to the least favorites of the gambling experts.

Try your luck by spinning on the Roulette in one of these most loved Bitcoin casinos. The order of the Bitcoin Roulette Casinos is from the best ones to the least good ones. So read the review of the casino you always wanted to join and give a try to the best Bitcoin roulette right now!

The Primary Elements of BTC Roulette

So, in the Bitcoin Roulette, the players need to place a bet on a number that they think will appear on the wheel. Then, the dealer spins the wheel in one direction and the ball in another. After turning, the ball will fall in one of the numbered pockets. If this number is the one that the players guessed, it will be a successful bet, and they will get the winning payout. Keep in mind that the winning amount depends upon the difficulty of the gamble.

To clarify, if the players place a bet on a specific number, then the chances of winning the game are less, and thus, the winning amount is more, i.e., 35:1. However, if the players place a bet on the colors red or black, then the chances of a successful bet are more and, hence the payout will be less, i.e., 1:1.

Also, the style of gameplay and the Bitcoin bankroll varies from player to player. Therefore, be it live or virtual game, the players need to choose the Bitcoin Roulette game depending upon their preference. Once done, the next step is to sign up for a Roulette round. The players will have to place the chip in the row to spin the wheel.

Bitcoin Roulette

It is essential to understand that there are few differences between live and virtual games. A live roulette game has a wheel with numbers and slots printed on red and black colors. On the contrary, a virtual roulette game has a graphical animation of a classic wheel with spins visible on the screen.

Though a classic roulette game has up to 36 numbers on it, an American Roulette game is numbered from 1 to 37. So, the dealer will place a ball on the wheel and spin it. The ball will land on a specific number and color of the Roulette that will tell whether the player won or lost the bet.

Surprisingly, the players have a few betting options in the game of Roulette. The players have a choice whether to place the chips on four numbers at a single time or bet on one number on the wheel. Also, the winning amount depends upon the severity of the game.

Rules of the Bitcoin Roulette

In every online gambling game, the players have a specific betting limit in the game of Roulette. Although, it is the casino’s choice to set a minimum and maximum limit of the Bitcoin Roulette game. For instance, the live roulette game in BetChain Casino starts its bet at 5mBTC.

However, the players need to remember that the winning payout depends upon the amount of the board that a bet covers. Like for example, the more specific the gamble is, the more chances of a large payout.

Another point that is often overlooked while choosing the right casino to place bets on is the house edge.

The house edge is the average percentage of edges that a house allows the players. To find out about the house edge of a Bitcoin casino, look around as it will be displayed on their site. In case of the edge percentage it’s not mentioned, the players consider the gambling site untrustworthy and look for casinos that show complete information of the house edge along with calculation procedure of edge percentage.

The Way to Play in Bitcoin Roulette Casinos

How to use Bitcoin to play Roulette?

The best thing about the live Bitcoin Roulette casinos is that the gaming experience is as exciting as playing a Roulette game in a real-life casino. In a live Roulette game, the dealers deal directly with the gamblers as they proceed with the bet. Also, the croupier keeps an eye on every step of the player. The casino software operator also tracks every single move of the player meanwhile and displays it to the dealer. Therefore, the chances of cheating are in online Bitcoin Roulette casinos are null.

To ensure safety, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracks the spinning of the ball and records it accordingly. It is to say that all data of the game is being read by the system using RFID chips as the dealers and players view the results on the screen. It is a new technology to make sure that the Roulette game is transparent, and nowadays, a lot of Bitcoin casinos are making use of it.

Virtual games of Bitcoin roulette are not as popular and exciting. The reason is that these games offer an animated roulette on the screen than a live view of the dealer. However, the rest of the rules of the games are similar.

Strategies for a Successful Bitcoin Roulette Play

Winning a Bitcoin Roulette game is all that the players aim for. One of the main tactics to adopt for the big win on the roulette wheel is to look for small but consistent gains.

In the beginning, the players need to look forward to small bets to win some payout but regularly. This strategy is best for those who are betting on achieving long term aims and not just for the sake of fun. The severe gamblers can use the ‘double dozen’ technique.

In this technique, the players stick to the double dozen strategy and use a single chip to cover 12 numbers on the wheel. As a result, the player indeed receives a payout of the ratio of 2:1. Though it might be a small amount, consistency is the key to earn big in the game of Roulette.

BTC Roulette Strategy

The gamblers can also benefit from the Martingale strategy. In this strategy, the player doubles the bet after losing, i.e., the more the wagers a player loses, the double will be the betting amount. So, if the player makes a bet with a significant amount, there are chances that he will gain more payout on winning. It will help in recovering the losses in the Bitcoin roulette and get an amazing return on the bets.

The strategies discussed above are from the experiences of the gambling experts. Nevertheless, the winning tactics vary from players to players. So to discover the playing style that suits you, start placing bets with Bitcoin and find out the unique strategy that works for you.


When did Bitcoin Roulette become famous?

Bitcoin technology has been incorporated in almost every field, so is the case for roulette games. Bitcoins let the players enjoy the gaming experience of Roulette online. The Bitcoin Roulettes are made and managed by online casino operators. There is no need for fiat money as the transactions are done using Bitcoins.

Surprisingly, the players do not have to worry about the taxes and centralization of the Bitcoin transactions as they are entirely decentralized without any fees. Furthermore, the bets stay only between the online casinos and the players without the interference of law. The best thing is that Bitcoin makes transparent, quick, and anonymous transactions possible.

The gamblers can place bets from their couches using their mobile phones and tablets as well. Although, the compatibility of devices depends upon the nature of the game and the crypto coin.

This modern method is way more straightforward and more comfortable than the old one. The early games of Roulette still have bets like a straight-up, single number, corner, etc.

How is the Modern Bitcoin Roulette Different From a Traditional Roulette?

Without a doubt, the online Bitcoin roulette is easy to play, unlike a typical roulette game. The traditional method has still bets straight-up, a single number, split, corner, etc. while modern Roulette follows all the recent technology and rules.

How Will Players Win More Bitcoins?

To become a consistent winner in Bitcoin roulette, the players need to know all about the online betting game. It is to say that to win frequently, the gamblers must have a clear idea about the rules, betting odds, house edges, and game strategies. So aim for choosing the winning number and category and make sure to get the same results.

In the first place, choose the online gambling site that has lower house edges. Because of the casino you want has high house edges, the payouts will be less.

Then, check if the betting systems work for you. The players can try betting systems like Martingale, Paroli, or Progressive Betting to win big. Though, the main aim must be shifting the pros from the edge of the house to the player.