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Why Are We in Affiliate Business?

Have you ever posted a blog post or observed any blogger’s effort on producing a top quality content which is useful for the readers? There are many time-consuming activities including research, compilation, proof-reading etc. We also as a Team spend a reasonable amount of time for completing all o the tasks as correctly as possible.

Time is the most valuable asset which we consume a lot as a Team, but that is not the only one. We also require cryptocurrencies to play at the crypto casinos as a real player and experience their services. Otherwise, our reviews will not be a realistic guide for you regarding content coverage. We have to deposit real cryptocurrencies and play with them. As a result, we either win or lose as you do.

We all know that money is the ultimate motivator for everybody. But according to us, visitor satisfaction comes before money opportunities. Because we are completely aware that if you are completely satisfied, we will pick up the fruits of your overall satisfaction for sure. Our primary principle is to keep the whole site free from pay-per-click or prepaid ads.

The only way we finance our operational costs is the affiliate earnings from the casino operators we review. We never request or receive any other type of payment from our followers or affiliate partners. That is the reason we need your support as being a player affiliated by us.

Working Mechanism of Affiliation

Transparency is one of our essential principles. “What we know is what you know!” is our motto. We aim for a long-lasting relationship with you rather than being a short-runner. So, let us explain you the affiliate revenue mechanism.

When you visit one or more of the casino brands recommended on our site, our tracking code is embedded in the referral links. By this integration, the gambling site knows that you are referred by us. And in return, they reward us with a small percentage of affiliation revenue.

Support Our Services by Becoming a Contributor

Your support by being a player with the links on our website is our one-and-only source of income. Registering for any of the casinos we refer is entirely free. You only need to pick a username and use your email as privacy is the central concept of crypto gambling. Once you register, you may become a real player whenever you want. It is entirely free and safe. We only need your clicks to make your gambling experience safer and fairer.

Please kindly note that we never recommend a casino site before testing it and publishing its review. This process ensures us to post honest and authentical reviews for you. So you may rest assured that all of the recommended casinos on this guide offer fair and safe gambling.

We appreciate your kind and helpful contribution to our crypto gambling guide.