Before live Bitcoin casinos, BTC games were all about only betting alone from home. With the advent of technology, the lonesome experience became a cheerful live experience involving peers from around the globe.

The Bitcoin casinos of the present time let you experience the thrill and environment of your favorite casinos from the comfort of your home. Some live croupiers help you see real-life dealing on your computer’s or smartphone’s screen.

So, like in traditional casinos, the players place bets before beginning the round. Then the dealers deal the cards or spin the roulette physically to start the game.

Top Live Bitcoin Casinos

Well, the best live bitcoin casinos are those with partnerships of top live casino software providers like NetEnt, Ezugi, Playtech, Evolution Gaming and Microgaming. The casinos given on the site might have partnerships with multiple software providers. So, go through the reviews provided on the page, discover the sites, and know more about their live dealing.

Introduction to Live Bitcoin Casino Croupiers

With the invention of the Live Bitcoin Casinos, the demand for this is increasing every passing day. To not miss out, the leading casinos are also including live dealing in their casinos. Surprisingly, the gamblers do not have to pay a single penny to play at live tables- they are free. Also, you can begin playing like online casinos slot machines.

However, the gambling site will keep guiding you on placing bets and interacting with the croupiers. The top-rated Bitcoin gambling sites use microphones for a clear and direct interaction between the players and the dealer. Simply clicking buttons will let you place bets in the live session. In addition to that, there is a live chat option for players to have better communication in some casinos.  

Undoubtedly, experiencing live betting at Bitcoin gambling sites is an electrifying experience that every player must give a try. It will be an experience like the players have never had before. The wagering amount of bets in live casino games is high while the action is slow. Also, for those who worry about bet rigging, from the shuffling of cards to the spinning of the ball, everything is visible on the screen.

Live Casino Dealers

Live Bitcoin Casino Software

The traditional market first got the facility of live casino software. After this, the amount of casino software is rising exponentially. The number of software providers is doubling with time. Also, these software providers are partnering with Bitcoin-friendly casinos to increase visibility among the audience. The live Bitcoin casino software brings so many exciting game options for their players, for instance, Live Blackjack, Live Craps, Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, Live Poker, Live Sic Bo, etc.

These live casino providers hire top-class dealers belonging to multiple nationalities. At European (Including Baltic), Asian and American tables, the gamblers can gamble in the language of their choice. Some providers even let their players bet using different devices, for instance, Evolution Gaming and Ezugi.

What are the features of the Best Live Bitcoin Casinos?

While considering which Bitcoin casino is best for live dealing, few aspects are kept in mind. Some of them are:

Huge variety of games: Is the casino only offering live Bitcoin games? What if the players want to switch to other games for a while? For this reason, the top casinos offer a wide range of side games along with the main game, i.e., live Bitcoin games. Therefore, the casinos must have other games like Texas Hold’em poker, keno, classic casino titles, and Scratchcards.

Security and Feedback: Is the live Bitcoin casino secure enough? Does it provide the players with a safe and reliable Bitcoin betting platform? Are the gamblers satisfied with the security and services of the casino? If not, they can send feedback at TheBitcoinStrip.

Full-time access to live games: Do the players have full-time access to the games on the site? Can the players play games in languages of their choice? If yes, then it is among the best live Bitcoin casinos.

Live Bitcoin Casino

How to win a live Bitcoin Casino game

Live Bitcoin gambling is not like in 3D slots. The successful live Bitcoin bet needs both technique and patience of the player. Also, the player needs to be mindful of a lot of other things.

Do not let the chatbox divert you!

Often, the players at the table might be confused by giving general advice, trolls, and comments in the chatbox. Focus on your strategy, and do not let these gamblers befool you! These activities might even lead to tilting. Also, there are chances that you will lose your temper and begin playing rashly.

Concentrate more on the game than the dealer!

Well, there are high chances that the live dealer in the game will be attractive. But, keep in mind that the game should be based on your objectives and not emotions. The live Bitcoin casinos purposely hire beautiful croupiers to achieve some goals. In the first place, an attractive live dealer will bring in more players. Secondly, the attractiveness of the croupier may divert the gamblers from their strategies.

Be patient to place bets!

In live gambling, the game does not proceed fast. The game might take some time, so players need to remain patient in live Bitcoin games. Unlike other online casino games where the gamblers place bets after bets, the live game is dependent on the pace of the dealer. So, to have a smooth live gaming experience, the players have to stay calm.  

Make sure to follow the guidelines given above to win big bets at Bitcoin live casinos. Go ahead and give your luck a try!


Is Bitcoin live dealer games legal?

Whether Bitcoin gambling is legal or not depends upon the country you are gambling from. Some countries allow Bitcoin gambling to their locals. Less strict jurisdictions like Curacao eGaming law are licensing Bitcoin casinos and regulating their functioning.

Do I have to install specific apps or software for live Bitcoin gambling?

No, installing specific apps or software is not a must. The majority of Bitcoin casinos work on the web. All the player has to do is google the casino, sign up at the Bitcoin live casino website, and start gambling with Bitcoin. Although for the ease of the players, some live bitcoin gambling sites offer functional apps.

What is the least amount to deposit and place a bet on bitcoin live casino?

Well, the depositing and betting amount is similar to that in real-life casinos. However, the precise amount depends upon the providers of the bitcoin live casinos. Some have less while others have slightly higher rates. So, please kindly check the rates before registering.