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1. Constraints

1.1. You are restricted to visit this “Website” if you:

1.1.1. Aim to manipulate other users on reaching this “Website”;

1.1.2. Give damage to this “Website” in any way by visiting it;

1.1.3. Act against the existing laws and regulations;

1.1.4. Perform data processing, mining, extracting, harvesting or related activities via our “Website”.

1.1.5. Engage in any promotional or advertorial campaign without our approval;

1.1.6. Usage of any content which does not adhere to these “Terms of Service”.

2. Protection of Intellectual Property

2.1. All of the published authentical content, unique features, and services on this “Website” is owned by “Us”. Protection of our content is assured by the international patent, trademark, copyright and all other intellectual property/proprietary laws/rights.

3. Liability Limitations

3.1. This website can not be held liable for any of the incidental, occasional, direct, indirect, corruptions or penalising of any kind including but not limited to income loss, data loss, interest loss, sentimental disappointment or similar, even if predictable.

3.2. There may be handy outgoing links pointing to the third-party websites from our “Website”. Although we are double-checking the targetted destination URLs, we do not have authority on the third-party websites. For that reason, we are not liable for any irrelevancy, fault, and inadequate knowledge.

3.3. cannot be held liable for any substantial, incidental or specific liability caused by your presence on our “Website”.

4. Availability of Our Website

4.1. You may reach us regarding any error. We will do our best to rectify the problem as shortest as possible.

4.2. We may restrict access to some pages, posts or the whole Website from time to time. This restriction may be applied due to the addition of new features, upkeeps or improvements.

5. Casino Reviews

5.1. All of the casino reviews reflect the opinions and observations of the reviewer Team, not the website.

5.2. Reviewers of the casino reviews in our Team commit to writing the reviews without an aim of causing prestige damage to the actor of the review.

5.3. We reserve the right to allocate the gambling reviews anywhere on the website for any reason. We may discard any content for any reason at any time. We also have the right to preserve the privileged licensing.

5.4. None of our reviewers is compensated, paid or motivated by any third-party.

6. Broad Terms

6.1. All of the “Terms of Service” may be modified at any time for any reason. We will let you know any update on the Website as rapid as possible.

6.2. If you continue to use our website, after the updates, you are obliged to comply with the updated “Terms and Conditions”.

6.3. Rupture of any terms without our initiation or approval is not under our responsibility.

6.4. You do not have the right to pass your accountabilities and rights for our “Terms of Service” to any other person.

7. Government Rules and Acts

7.1. All of the “Terms and Conditions” are subject to the United States of America laws. You should also dispute anything to the same government authority.

7.2. Visitors from the other countries of the world than the United States of America are accountable with their local laws and regulations.