Since it arrived in the American gambling community, the topic of Bitcoin gambling has always been somewhat controversial. In recent times, the judiciary made a bold choice by rescinding the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. This decision has played a highly decisive role in favor of the masses who indulge in these games.

Regardless, members of the gambling community are rightfully very concerned regarding the legal implications of this situation and whether it is safe for them to gamble online with Bitcoin under the laws currently in place.

Is Bitcoin Gambling Legal in the USA?

It is always the first question on the minds of most American gamblers and visitors who stop by their shores. Under federal law, gambling as a whole is permitted. Each state, however, has different restrictions set in place according to the legislation of that particular region.

Previously, only Nevada allowed gamblers and visitors to partake in sports betting. Still, with the retraction of PASPA, many other states have actively decided to allow sports betting or are currently discussing whether they should become active (Bitcoin) sports betting states.

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A comprehensive list of the states along with some relevant information, is given below:

New Jersey:

The state of New Jersey is fondly remembered as being the original challenger of the PASPA legislation. The achieved success on the 11th of June, 2018, when wagering was formalized and legalized all over the state. New Jersey had also decided to legalize online gambling just in time for when Bitcoin casinos and tracks had started to open their doors to the paying masses.

New York:

The state of New York currently has an existing law in place that allows four of the top tier commercial casinos of New York to operate under the law entirely. To this day, this practice holds, and we wait with bated breath to see when casinos, sports, and Bitcoin betting services will be opening.


When it comes to the legalization of single-game betting, the state of Delaware was at the front of the line just alongside the state of Nevada. For those wishing to partake in sports betting, it can be easily accessed at the three-horse race tracks open.
In addition to this, Delaware is also in the process of releasing mobile gaming. It will not occur in the distant future.

West Virginia:

During August of 2018, the state of West Virginia became the 5th state in the entire country to legalize sports betting. West Virginia holds the record for being the first state to provide players residing within the state a fully regulated sports gambling platform.


By the end of July 2018, the state of Mississippi legalized sports betting, which expanded its coverage over the NFL, major baseball leagues, NASCAR, golf, and even boxing.

Rhode Island:

As a direct consequence of its annual budget, the state of Rhode Island legalized sports betting in 2017 but only permitted two of its casinos to operate under this law. As yet, Rhode Island has not developed any plans to offer online or bitcoin gambling at this stage.


In comparison to all the other states, the state of Pennsylvania is relatively new on the block. Pennsylvania is monumentally preoccupied with devising new rules and regulations regarding online gambling and sportsbook betting. If 2018 fails to see them live on the wire, they will undoubtedly make an appearance in 2019.


The state of Nevada has legalized all forms of gambling (this includes Bitcoin as well). Nevada has been popular among the gambling community as the Casino Capital and The Godfather of Casino state since the year 1949. Although this state has garnered quite a few competitors with time, the casino kingdom is still entirely under their reign.

Although quite a lot of casinos have flat out refused to deal with players from the USA, there are still a few casinos left who have chosen to host American players by accepting alternative methods of payment instead. This step was taken to sidestep the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006, which legally permits online gambling but does not allow the casino to accept any payment for this activity.

It is incredibly exhausting for players to spend their valuable time screening thousands of different casinos in the hopes of finding one which will accept players from the US. The Bitcoin Strip has undergone this strenuous task for your convenience and compiled a list of Top 10 USA Facing Casinos, which not only allow American players to play on their online gaming sites but also allow Bitcoin withdrawals and deposits while providing a superb gambling experience.

US-Friendly Bitcoin Casino Sites

The Risks of Bitcoin Betting in the USA

Although the movement targeting legal gambling practices has made great strides in the USA, there are still many areas drenched in shadows that pose a potential risk for players. Even though the number of arrests made due to gambling is almost negligible, the likelihood of such a thing happening is still very much a possibility.

Additionally, the risk of unregulated casinos being forcefully shut down or disappearing entirely without a trace along with deposits and other forms of payment in tow.

All gamblers are earnestly suggested to follow the laws and regulations that have been put in place to prevent such events from happening and always to play responsibly.


Can I deposit Anonymously?

Many casinos claim to be anonymous, but that may not always be the case (especially if they for your personal details), so it is in your best interest to tread carefully. Ethereum and Bitcoin are undoubtedly the best way of playing anonymously online (due to the neglected and highly secure nature of Blockchain).

Is it safe to bet online in the USA?

Unfortunately, unregulated gambling sites are almost always associated with potential risks to the player. This applies in particular to players based in the USA since they will mostly be playing on these websites. All players are highly suggested to keep an attentive eye on the amount of money they are spending at these casinos and to indulge in responsible gaming habits.

Will I lose my deposit?

As a direct consequence of the current situation regarding online gambling for players residing within the US, the chances of the online casino being unregulated are incredibly high. In the event of these casinos being forced to shut down or they are run out of business, players are very likely to lose their entire deposits.

With that being said, many of these casinos have been a part of the online gambling industry for a considerably long period. It adds substantial weight to the credibility of these casinos.

What other cryptocurrencies can I use for online gambling?

Currently, Bitcoin is the most popular form of cryptocurrency used in the world of online gambling.
Ethereum is a brilliant alternative that grants users all the advantages of smart contract technology as well as providing quicker deposit and withdrawal times.

If you’re looking for a more private setup, Monero is the best fit for you. This cryptocurrency heavily emphasizes privacy and security, which is precisely what most players in the gambling industry are looking for.

Bitcoin Cash is a new and improved version of Bitcoin. Although it may not have gained as much popularity as the cryptocurrencies mentioned above, many experienced professionals in the gambling industry believe this could be the perfect solution to choke points in crypto gambling. As of late, many users have started to prefer this method over others.