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Gaming Industry Will Never be the Same with Blockchain

Blockchain Games
Written by Paul Gimmicks

Blockchain games are considered to be the newest actors of the online gaming industry. Game fans have already started to getting used to playing Blockchain-powered games. But there will be much more than expected people to follow the mainstream.

Recently there is a rumour for the game developer Arcade Distillery, that they will launch a new game based on Ethereum Blockchain infrastructure. The game is designed for PS4 (Play Station 4) and will consist of NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Plague Hunters is about to make a revolution in the online gaming industry

Plague Hunters is the latest game released by Arcade Distillery. It is a single-player turn-based strategy game which packed with PvP features. It is also the extended version of the “Plague Road” PS4 game.

The famous game developer “Arcade Distillery” is developing the versions of the game for Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch gaming consoles.


Plague Hunters is a free game which already complies with Play Station’s all terms and conditions. It will be launched with a P2P market feature.

Additionally, as there are numerous Blockchain games in the market, it will be advantageous for the industry to welcome it in the primary gaming market.

The in-game assets like units and weapons can be purchased by Ethereum Blockchain’s Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). It is planned to launch the game in the first quarter of 2019. Nintendo Switch and PC (Personal Computer) versions will also be available. Furthermore, the developer also plans to release the mobile and Xbox One versions.

Plague Hunters is not the only one!

Learnings of the game developers from the Blockchain technology may contribute to the overall efficiency of the games. For example; the multi-player survival game “Fortnite” has announced that they have earned more than 1 billion USD from the in-game purchases.

And now, Mythical Games, which is one of the leading game developers is working on a Blockchain-based gaming platform. This gaming enterprise has reached 16 million USD in Series-A funding. Besides, they will integrate EOSIO Blockchain for player trades rather than Ethereum.

CEO of Mythical Games, John Linden, stated that:

We believe these new economics will come to dominate gaming.

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