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3 Key Cryptocurrencies to Watch for March 2019

cryptocurrencies to watch for march 2019
Written by Paul Gimmicks

Let’s have a look at the crypto coins which have plans to launch their mainnet, upgrades, updates and large releases in March 2019.

Which cryptocurrencies worth following closely? Below are the three crypto coins to be monitored in March.

As 2019 is full of technological developments and bullish market trends, we thought that it would be useful, to round up, the major cryptocurrency developments for you.

Here are the three cryptocurrencies to watch for March

The Internet of Services Token (IOST)

IOST (The Internet of Services Token) crypto coin functions as an enterprise-level Blockchain infrastructure for a decentralised economic system. Name of the cryptocurrency says it all.

One of the main problems which block Blockchain technology to achieve mass adoption is “scalability“. IOST crypto coin is also focusing on overcoming this critical headache.

For this purpose, IOST project has implemented innovative applications including its patented PoB (Proof of believability) algorithm and dynamic sharding to perform more than 8,000 TPS (transaction per second) through their platform.

Launch of Mainnet

The new IOST network namely Olympus v1.0 will be launched on the 10th of March and will bring many dApps (decentralised applications). All of the dApps are ready-to-launch as soon as the public chain is active.

IOST Mainnet Goes Live – Crypto Briefing

All of the applications are ready before the launch date of March 10th to increase the interest of users. IOST Ecosystem will cover many types of dApps including but not limited to wallets, games, exchanges. More than 150 global companies contributed to the dApps portfolio. Some of the famous ones are; IBank Digital Asset, Huobi, CoinGecko and DDEX.

Jimmy Zhong who is the CEO of IOST has mentioned the importance of the usage of applications for the network in one of the press releases:

The real value of a network is dependent on the applications that come with it, not just the technology behind it. Ultimately, mainstream users do not choose operating systems – they choose the applications which bring the most efficiency and enjoyment into their daily lives. Launching our mainnet alongside a number of DApps that are ready to engage with is a meaningful step for the IOST ecosystem, and our hope is that it will play a positive role in the widespread acceptance and adoption of blockchain technology.

Below are some of the unique aspects of the Mainnet:

Proof of Believability (PoB)

PoB is a hybrid consensus algorithm which was exclusively engineered for IOST by its in-house developers. It is innovated for compliance and reliability of the nodes.

Global Partnership Program

By the aid of PoB (Proof of Believability) consensus algorithm, IOST is planning to attract the attention and interest of broader demographics. It means a broad targeting of individuals to corporations, with or without technical knowledge. IOST holders may contribute to the chosen node partner by voting.

To motivate attendance of crowds, IOST has minimised the candidate requirements and did not restrict the number of node partner validators. They target to increase the total number of node partners to 700 by adding 500 more participants.

Ethereum (ETH)

As mentioned on the below tweet, the upcoming two hardforks of the 2nd cryptocurrency should carefully be monitored.

Ethereum’s delayed hardfork is about to happen and will be initiated at block number 7,280,000. So, undoubtedly, March will be a spectacular month for Ethereum with its upcoming critical developments.

Major Ethereum Hard Fork TODAY (What Crypto Investors Need To Know) – The Cryptoverse

 St. Petersberg + Constantinople system upgrades

Constantinople is not an on-time and in-time upgrade as it has been delayed for two times! Developers’ numerous bugs on the Ropsten (testnet of ETH) have caused the first delay in 2018.

Another critical bug was the reason for the delay of the planned upgrade in January 2019. This bug caused a high-risk vulnerability which lets hackers to intrude to the user accounts and withdraw their funds.

Thanks to God that, St. Petersburg will be a corrective upgrade which will eliminate all of the errors of the Constantinople upgrade.

Sirin Labs Token (SRN)

Sirin Labs is the developer Blockchain company of the SRN crypto coin. It was aimed to be used in the SRN’s Blockchain ecosystem. SRN cryptocurrency is designed to be used for the purchases of Sirin products. The products are ranging from decentralised apps to hardware gadgets.

Sirin has grabbed the attractions by its crypto innovation which is a Blockchain smartphone. This innovative smartphone consists of an embedded cold-storage crypto-wallet which is compatible with multiple Blockchains. It also includes a crypto-converter to enable crypto exchange.

Leo Messi presents FINNEY Phone the world’s first blockchain Sirin Labs – Cool Stuff Gadgets

In March 2019, we all be able to see Sirin Labs company and its “SRN” cryptocurrency at all of the telecommunication conferences and events including the “Mobile World Congress“.

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