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Crypto Analysts Expect Higher Price Levels for Ethereum

Written by Paul Gimmicks

By the starting of the new week, we have started to observe a positive trend on all of the cryptocurrencies. Besides, the crypto market gives positive signals for uptrend as well. Additionally, Ethereum which is one of the top altcoins gained a whopping 12% value which made it one of the top ten best performers.

During the preparation of this news, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency ETH (Ethereum) has already appreciated by 6.78% from yesterday’s price. According to Coindesk’s price index, it currently has a price value of $145.48. It means a short-time rally which was started from $123.

Ethereum 24-hours price chart, Source: Coinmarketcap

Ethereum 24-hours price chart, Source: Coinmarketcap

ETH (Ethereum) reward-reduction has been accomplished in 2 weeks, and it is evident that the Ethereum buyers have just started a short-term rally.

Primary shift potential assumption of the analysts

While Ethereum prices are heading higher levels, traders and cryptocurrency analysts expect higher rates and mention positive expectations.

According to crypto trader “Hsaka“, Ethereum price is in the bullish area. And this is a strong signal for testing the above $145 price levels.

Additionally, another crypto trader “DonAlt” predicts that the ETH/USD pair will have the potential to increase more.

As we are all expecting an uptrend from Bitcoin, ETH (Ethereum) has already reached to $145 price level and has got the strong potential of climbing higher.

ETH has gained the second-ranking from XRP and is preparing for a strong show-up at the upcoming 27-February event.

200-days moving average is a critical price level for Ethereum

If this positive outlook is continued for Ethereum, we will most probably see the upper levels of $147 which is the 200-days moving average price. This level will be an indicator of the continuity of the uptrend.

A correction down to $130 price level would be acceptable. Below $130 level daily closings will confirm the reversal trend and can be perceived as a downtrend pattern. Experts are expecting strong support at $130 price level, and ETH is likely to test above $145 price levels.

Above all, ETH/USD pair has not entered into any correction move. So, we may expect short-term declines and long-term increases in prices.

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