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Travis Kling Foresees That 2019 Will be the Year of Bitcoin and Altcoins

Travis Kling 2019 Forecast
Written by Paul Gimmicks

Two thousand eighteen was not a good year for all of the cryptocurrencies. Stock Exchanges have experienced the same negativity, too. For example, Nasdaq has decreased by 22% and entered into a bearish trend just after a little appreciation.

Crisis in the traditional markets

Nasdaq was not the only index which performed negatively. SSE (Shangai Stock Exchange) has almost decreased by 30%. Most of the other indices experienced similar downtrends. Banking sector of Germany is not performing well either. Banking index of Germany has been depreciated by 52%.

United States FED (Federal Reserve) was the main factor for the losses in the last quarter of 2018. Federal Reserve has increased the benchmark interest rate by 2.5%, and the investors who are in fear of a future recession have been negatively affected by this increase.

CryptoCurrencies In 2019: Trends & What To Expect

Cryptocurrencies will be critically tested in 2019

BTC (Bitcoin) was invented as an alternative to the traditional banking system, institutions and payment instruments during the 2008 financial crisis. But up to now, it has not faced with critical testing which is based on its existence purpose.

If the traditional financial system collapses again, things will become much harder for the global economy. Many analysists are curiously waiting for the performance of the cryptocurrencies during a possible market collapse.

Travis Kling who is the founder and the Chief Investment Officer of Ikigai Asset Management has tweeted that a possible bearish trend in traditional markets will not affect the cryptocurrencies. He added that due to the mentioned reasons, crypto money types would be the best performing digital assets of 2019.

Weak economy countries prefer cryptocurrencies

Several economists and analysts assume that Bitcoin price will appreciate if there will be a currency debt crisis. A global version of Venezuela’s crisis or less effective crisis in Turkey and Argentina can be seen globally.

The inflation rate of Venezuela may reach up to 1,000,000% or more. Individuals prefer to pay, trade or invest via BTC (Bitcoin) cryptocurrency and other Altcoins. Dash is the mostly preferred crypto money in Venezuela.

If the global economy enters into a light recession period, then cryptocurrencies would not be as active as the analysts expect. In that scenario, investors prefer to sell their cryptocurrencies to compensate for the loss of the traditional market instruments. This possibility will eventually support the non-crypto currencies to become more stable without any more profound crisis.

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