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Bitcoin Cash Surged After’s P2P Exchange Announcement

Bitcoin Cash Surged
Written by Paul Gimmicks

The sixth ranking cryptocurrency of the industry, Bitcoin Cash has surged just after the news on a new P2P (peer-to-peer) Exchange namely “Local Bitcoin Cash“.

Bitcoin Cash price was not fluctuating while the other cryptocurrencies have been volatile. Bitcoin Cash has started the month of March with a start price of 125 USD. Since then, it has been showing a steady upward trend.

Later on, BCH (Bitcoin Cash) price has jumped to 170 USD which confirmed the sustainability of the uptrend. BCH’s market cap has also reached three billion levels which is another reliable indicator.

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P2P Exchange news has fueled up Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash price has approximately appreciated by 32% between 14th and 23rd of March 2019. If we consider the bear market and the performances of the other altcoins, it is a critical bullish movement.

Just after the P2P Exchange announcement, BCH price has surged by 9.24%.

Bitcoin Cash Mar-23-24-2019 1D Price Graph

Bitcoin Cash Mar-23-24-2019 1D Price Graph

During my publishing time, BCH altcoin has been trading at 163.51 USD which equals to 4,696.15 BTC. And, the market value of BCH was USD 2,942,617,599.

In the 24H trading interval, P2PB2B contribution via BCH/BTC was $36 million. On the other hand, the BCH/USD pair contribution was a total volume of $23 million.

Competitive features will be available for the traders

Traders will be able to directly exchange BCH after the launch of the mew P2P Exchange platform. representatives stated that there would be three main distinctive features will be available for the customers. These are;

Firstly, privacy will be of utmost importance for Local Bitcoin Cash users. Secondly, the platform will provide end-to-end user side encryption; a system of communication where only users can read and decrypt their messages. Finally, just like our popular noncustodial Wallet, the peer-to-peer Local Bitcoin Cash exchange will be secure as the service never touches your funds.

Last but not least, traders will have the option to monitor the buyers and sellers while executing their offers. Therefore, there will be numerous payment alternatives available for the clients.

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