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Best Performer Cryptocurrencies Up to Now

Top performing cryptocurrencies
Written by Paul Gimmicks

Have you ever purchased a cryptocurrency or invested in a crypto coin project? Whether your answer is yes or no, read to learn the winners and the losers.

DataLight has listed and announced the ten best performing cryptocurrencies up to now. If you have succeeded to be one of the early birds of the first crypto-coin “Bitcoin“, then you have gained a 1.3 million per cent ROI (Return on Investment).

Top 15 Cryptocurrencies from 2013-2018 (Source: TheRanker)

Zero-to-Hero Crypto Coins

The pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has initially listed with $0,30 value at one of the crypto exchanges in 2010. During the preparation of this article, the BTC (Bitcoin) price is $3,841.

Meanwhile, it is trying to pass the $4,000 price level as this is one of the critical psychological resistance levels.

Additionally, ETH’s (Ethereum) price has appreciated by 68,205% (from $0.2 to $136.61) since the launch date of August-2014. DASH has got the third-ranking with a 39,509.52% increase since January-2014.

Last but not least, XRP (Ripple), Binance Coin (BNB) and XEM (NEM) are the top gainers of the crypto market.

Investors’ nightmare cryptocurrencies

On the other hand, BCH (Bitcoin Cash), ZEC (Zcash) and BTG (Bitcoin Gold) are the losers of all times! Especially, ZEC has dropped by 98.82% from $4,293 (in 2016) to $51.86.

But conversely, the CMC position of ZEC has increased due to increasing supply.

As a result, we have ten crypto money in the top 30 ranking which has lost their value after the initial offering.

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