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What Are the Major Catalysts of a Litecoin Bull Run?

Litecoin Bull Run
Written by Paul Gimmicks

Crypto market’s 4th largest cryptocurrency, Litecoin (LTC) has been in a strong uptrend since yesterday.

Litecoin (LTC) has already appreciated by 3.40%. During my writing, LTC/USD pair is traded at 60.32 USD.

Litecoin Price 1W Chart

Litecoin Price 1W Chart

“Halving” is on the way for Litecoin

Since the beginning of 2019, Litecoin has been sustainably recovering from its losses due to inside and outside factors.

Therefore, LTC’s Hash Rate has also been increasing since December 2018, and this is an indicator that miners are contributing to the network due to higher prices.

It is a decisive factor since the network becomes more secure and less risky for 51% of the attacks.

Litecoin is leading the BULL RUN! (Source: BITCOIN BEN)

Charlie Lee’s supporting comments on LTC

Besides, there is another motivational comment came from Charlie Lee who is the founder of Litecoin (LTC). He mentioned that the Litecoin Team is working hard to improve the cryptocurrency’s privateness.

Lee stated that recently developers’ primary focus is the development of the technical features of the network. He mentioned his additional comments via the below tweet:

Additionally, LTC (Litecoin) is on the way to “Halving“. It will eventually lead to a decrease in mining and supply.

Because “Halving” is another strong factor which supports LTC’s price increase potential. The planned date for the “Halving” execution is August 2019.

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