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Top 8 Women in Cryptocurrency Industry (Infographic)

Top 8 Women in Cryptocurrency
Written by Paul Gimmicks

We generally focus on the famous men in Blockchain world as there are numerous males but a few females in the cryptocurrency industry. This fact does not mean that these women are not important for the development of the crypto business at all.

So we have decided to share them with brief information for each of them presented as an infographic. You may refer to it for having a general knowledge of these high-tech ladies.

Who Are These 8 Crypto-Popular Ladies?

Below are the names and roles of these successful women who have an essential effect in the cryptocurrency industry;

  1. Joyce Kim – Executive Director at “”.
  2. Perianne Boring – Founder of the “Digital Chamber of Commerce”.
  3. Amber Baldet – Executive Director of “JP Morgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence”.
  4. Jinglan Wang – Executive Director of “Blockchain Educational Network” and Blockchain product Manager at “NASDAQ”.
  5. Jen Greyson – CEO of “Powered by Neureal Jennifer”.
  6. Fahima Amwar – Director of Marketing & Communications for “IVEP”, Senior Director of Global Marketing & Communications at “Dubtokens”, and Founder of Canada’s largest influencer conference “Spark Sessions”.
  7. Meltem Demirors – Development Director at the “Digital Currency Group”.
  8. Raine Revere – Contemplative psychotherapist and Blockchain Engineer. Founder at “Maiden”.

Top 8 Women in Cryptocurrency Industry - Infographic

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