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Top 15 Crypto Kings (Infographic)

Top 15 Crypto Kings Infographic
Written by Paul Gimmicks

It is not debatable that cryptocurrencies have been the most talked over innovation since the invention of the internet. Most of the people considered Bitcoin as a pyramid-scheme and thought that it was a money trap. While some people who trusted in Bitcoin, continued to invest, the others showed resistance to it until 2017. That was the year when Bitcoin virtual currency outperformed and became the global financial hero.

Recently, although all of the cryptocurrency types have been realizing a downtrend during 2017, the interest in Bitcoin and all Altcoins continue to grow more and more each day. Not only the web stores but also the online casinos have been adding Bitcoin and all other Altcoins as a deposit and withdrawal method in addition to their existing payment methods. Even brand new cryptocurrency-exclusive casinos started to flourish on the internet.

Advantages of Using Cryptocurrencies in Online Gambling

Anonymity is most probably the main advantage of using cryptocurrencies in gambling transactions. Due to its decentralized nature, players do not have to share their personal information. All they need is a digital wallet containing unique alphanumeric characters. Another strong point is the speed in payments due to lack of middle-man during the Blockchain transfer processes.

Even today there are still people who support the idea that cryptocurrency is a temporary trend and will end soon. On the other hand, the crypto-supporters insist on stating that we are just at the beginning of the crypto age. There is a vast number of entrepreneurs and investors continue to work on new projects which will increase the integration of Bitcoin and Altcoins in our daily lives.

We want to share the “15 Crypto Kings” of the Blockchain universe in an infographic format. They all contributed to the cryptocurrencies either by being a creator or an investor of them. Check out the infographic below to learn the details about these foresighted entrepreneurs or investors. Who knows maybe you will be the one who will be added to the below “Dream Team“.

Top 15 Crypto Kings Infographic

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