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Meet the People Who Earned a Fortune with Crypto Money

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Written by Paul Gimmicks

People Who Earned a Fortune With Cryptocurrencies

Crypto money world is full of rapid-fortune stories. There is a new class of people who earned a fortune with cryptocurrencies. In this article, let’s examine those people and how they achieved their crypto-popularity.

Chris Larsen – Ripple

Chris Larsen - Ripple

Chris Larsen – Ripple

Chris Larsen’s total crypto wealth is 4,1 Billion USD.

Larsen met with the mortgage industry at the time when the internet has started to crawl on all fours. His online mortgage company has been acquired by Yahoo. By using this capital, Larsen had succeeded to achieve success on all business ventures he made. But how did he become a crypto-rich person?

Most of the people still do not have any idea that Larsen is the co-founder of “Ripple” and “OpenCoin”. OpenCoin is the first coin venture which was found for reducing the bank fees and transaction periods. Company brand-name was changed to “Ripple Labs” in 2013. No need to explain what “Ripple” is currently. Larsen is holding 5,2 million of XRP tokens, and most of his fortune comes from this portfolio.

Changpeng Zhao – Binance – coinbase

Changpeng Zhao - Binance - coinbase

Changpeng Zhao – Binance – coinbase

Changpeng Zhao’s total crypto-wealth is 1,1 billion USD.

Binance” CEO “Zhao” has worked for several companies and organisations. Once he has also built his own company, but then he discovered Bitcoin due to his interest in Poker game. Binance has subsequently become the world’s largest crypto-money exchange.

It is fascinating that Chanpeng has found the “Binance” starting from zero in July 2017. After Binance’s latest quarter profits were exceeded Deutsche Bank’s profits, its popularity even increased.

Joseph Lubin – Ethereum

Joseph Lubin - Ethereum

Joseph Lubin – Ethereum

Joseph Lubin’s total crypto-wealth is 1 billion USD.

When Lubin was studying at the robotics and expert systems lab of Princeton as a student, he had an offer from Goldman Sachs. While working at that bank, he entered the crypto-money industry.

Lubin has become the co-founder of “Ethereum”. Even there was a rumour that he was the largest supporter of the “ETH ICO” which was offered in 2013. Lubin’s expertise in the investment area made him a crypto-billionaire.

Winklevoss Brothers – ConnectU – Gemini

Winklevoss Brothers

Winklevoss Brothers – ConnectU – Gemini

Winklevoss brothers’ total crypto-fortune is 2 billion USD.

Winklevoss Brothers are most probably the most famous crypto-rich people in the world who were both graduated from Harvard. Their “ConnectU” application has failed, but their innovative idea was stolen by Mark Zuckerberg. They have received 65 million USD due to the case against Zuckerberg.

With some portion of the money, they have purchased the 1% of all Bitcoins at the price of 120 USD. And then they founded the crypto-money exchange namely “Gemini” which is currently operating in the USA. Gemini is one of the rare exchange markets which lets traders trade with USD.

[su_note]The common point of all high-success stories mentioned above is to create companies for crypto-currencies and to believe the future of crypto money.[/su_note]

Are you feeling disappointed when Bitcoin or other altcoins are falling? Then think of Winklevoss Twins who have to hold their Bitcoin positions in 6-year price deviations.

Are you interested in being the next crypto-billionaire? Then start your journey to investigate the opportunities of the crypto world. Maybe you will be the next crypto-popular person of the globe! Who knows?

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