Online Blackjack and the whole gambling industry has massively progressed by introducing newer and more feasible banking methods such as Bitcoin. Blockchain gaming is continuously making incredible waves and is becoming quite popular all over the world.

Not only has it made banking simpler, but casino games that require Bitcoin transactions have a remarkably designed software that has a multitude of innovative new features that enhance the entire gaming experience.

Using Bitcoin to indulge in casino games has its perks. One of the most appealing and demanded games out there – Blackjack has become a central Bitcoin play. Whether you are a beginner or a master or professional, Bitcoin Blackjack is the best thing to bet and win nowadays.

The online blackjack gaming experience is marvelous, and considering how Bitcoin can be used to gamble now, it is no doubt one of the most profitable and attractive combinations of the casino world. The following article will familiarize you with Bitcoin Blackjack in detail.

Bitcoin Blackjack Casinos

Since there is a wide range of Bitcoin Blackjack casinos to choose from, we have made an easy list for you, which includes the best to less good of these particular casinos. Some of them offer attractive welcome bonus offers, and you can browse through our Bitcoin bonuses list to figure out the best one for you.

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Bitcoin Blackjack Basics

Blackjack is quite an exciting game, and gamblers are usually playing against the dealer. The primary goal is to beat the hand of the dealer without going over the number 21. It is an essential play and one of the most popular games all over the world.

To start playing, first, a bet has to be made in Bitcoin blackjack. Players need to select the amount of money they plan to bet, and usually, the crypto casino sites have various betting ranges between $1 and $100. It merely depends from site to site. The game begins once these stakes are set, and the hands are dealt with.

There are four moves a player can make in Bitcoin Blackjack. Either he can choose to Stand, Double Down, Hit, or Split if there is a pair in hand. The screen shows all of these options, which can be clicked upon by the player with convenience. If it is a virtual casino, the software will deal out the cards to the dealer and the player, but if it is a live Bitcoin casino, a live croupier will handle the dealing.

Bitcoin Blackjack

With blackjack, punters can play with multiple decks of cards in one single game. Usually, six to eight cards are dealt with by the majority of the casinos. Players can raise or reduce the number of decks according to their preferences.

Bitcoin Blackjack is immensely popular and user-friendly for a significant reason. It is because it usually has a 1% house edge for each game, which is also dependent on a couple of factors. Every site has various percentages for the house edge, and this also depends upon the number of card decks played per game.

As a fact, the house edge will be higher if there is a higher number of card decks. Casinos tend to turn the advantage towards themselves and offer fewer payouts by using a few clever tricks such as unfair rules for Soft 17 and even removing the option of doubling down ultimately. All of these pointers need to be kept in mind while choosing the best casino for playing Bitcoin blackjack.

The card values of blackjack are almost the same for every game, whether it is the typical kind of in-house casino or the Bitcoin online blackjack casino. These values are listed below:

  •       The worth of Jacks, Queens, and Kings always equals to 10
  •       The player can choose to play the Aces with a worth of either 11 or 1
  •       The numbers played at face value are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

How to Play Bitcoin Blackjack

Blackjack Player Rules:

Depending on the kind of win, the payouts are sized up accordingly. Let us say that the player gets an Ace which equals to 1 along with another card whose value equals to 10. For comparison, a dealer’s hand is revealed and used in such cases where a Natural Blackjack is dealt out.

The game will be a tie if the dealer has a Natural Blackjack as well, which is termed as a Push, and the original Bitcoin bet will go back to the player. If there is not a Natural 21 in the cards dealt by the dealer, 3:2 of the winning bet will be awarded to the players.

There are multiple strategies with which gamblers play blackjack. Their gaming style, along with planned strategies, helps the players in determining their next steps, such as choosing to Hit or Stand. With the option of Hit, the player takes one more card from the deck to try to reach a number close to 21.

While with the option of Stand means the player does not want to take more cards from the pack and wants to stick to his current deck currently. Usually, players who have confidence and a better chance of defeating the dealer prefer to Stand. The art of deciding whether to Stand or Hit can immensely increase winning odds by 3% or more. Therefore, it is regarded as a smart and handy skill to possess while indulging in a game of Bitcoin Blackjack.

One notable feature of blackjack includes the choice to take insurance when the dealer draws a face-up ace. At this moment, players on the table can choose to put out around half of their initial bet, which will be set aside as insurance. Players who do decide to take insurance will receive 2:1 on their insured wager in the case of the dealer getting a Natural Blackjack. The screens of major casinos display the Stand and Hit buttons quite clearly.

In the first hand dealt by a player, if a pair of similarly ranked cards are received, it is essential to Split them. It divides the cards into two different hands, and each will request a new card that will serve as the second card. For each of the sides in the Split move, full initial bets need to be made. Now, the dealer is playing against both the hands individually, and this doubling of the bet will massively raise the chances of winning against the dealer.

Blackjack Dealer Rules:

The dealers of blackjack at Bitcoin casinos have to stick to specific standard rules, which always offer better chances for players. These rules also state when the dealer can Stand or Hit. Some casinos have set rules that dealers should Stand on 17. So the dealer can only Hit if their hand’s value is less than 17 and has to Stand when 17 is reached.

Play Blackjack with Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is a relatively new form of banking that has multiple perks and advantages to it. Gamblers preferably enjoy playing with Bitcoin a lot more as it is quite simple and convenient to withdraw or transfer the coins.

Bitcoin casino games are full of excellent, exciting features that attract players abundantly. As blackjack is considered as one of the most accessible casino games of all times, it is much safer to experiment with Bitcoin on this game.

Of course, players can start playing blackjack once they purchase Bitcoins. They can be either purchased from an online BTC market or as a payment in exchange for online services or goods. After buying bitcoin, a bitcoin wallet is necessary to store them in it. There are various remarkable e-wallet services, each with exciting benefits. Players can conduct thorough research on the best e-wallet for their requirements.

As soon as the Bitcoin and the e-wallet are ready, all players need to do is hit up one of the top online Bitcoin-accepting casinos and enjoy playing blackjack using their purchased Bitcoin. There are some unique advantages of using Bitcoin to play, such as your ability to play from any place globally, along with strong anonymity, very few restrictions, and immediate and direct withdrawals.

Best Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack is purely a game of skills and smart strategies. Some players have good luck that they win without having to develop the proper skill set required for blackjack. Multiple approaches have proven effective in making easy money at blackjack, which will be discussed below.

One of the most effective blackjack strategies is known as ‘card counting.’ As the real-life croupier is responsible for dealing a deck of cards, if players develop the skill of counting cards and all the while keeping a record of the dealing of the pack, there are higher chances of winning well.

With the various online guides regarding card counting along with a thorough understanding of the basics of the game, players can make good money at blackjack. In the beginning, it is smart to try and implement these strategies on small tables with low-level bets. This way, the overall rollover of Bitcoin can be variably increased.

BTC Blackjack Strategy

As soon as the player has developed strong skills and mastered the art of using such strategies, he can move on to make larger bets and win sizably at live tables that have much higher limits. Even though Bitcoin casinos tend to deal with multiple decks in one game, professional gamblers can still use the card counting strategy.

The ‘Oscar’s Grind System’ is another highly popular strategy that centers around playing hands in a series form and trying to obtain minimal net winnings of one-unit bets in each of these series. Playing mechanism is simple; a one-unit bet is made, and if the player wins, the series will end, and another round will commence.

If the hand is lost, the bet stays put till there is a win of another hand, resulting in doubling of the bet. In this manner, the net losses can be recovered until sufficient hands are won, and the player ultimately makes a one-unit worth of profit. This system offers small payouts and primary wins but is much safer than risking in high-level bets such as in the strategy known as ‘Martingale System.’

Bitcoin blackjack can be highly profitable if the players understand and learn the basics along with a few of the well-known and proven strategies such as the Grind system or the card counting strategy. It is all a matter of developing the right skill set for the game.


What is Bitcoin Blackjack?

Bitcoin Blackjack is based on the concept of using Bitcoins to play online blackjack. The majority of the casinos only offer to play casino games like blackjack with fiat currencies.

However, now some online casinos accept Bitcoin as a currency, and players can bet on their Blackjack games by making deposits in the form of Bitcoin.

What is the right bitcoin blackjack casino?

The value of a bitcoin blackjack casino can be easily judged based on the diverse collection of blackjack games they have to offer. The best casinos always have a unique selection of top-notch games.

Some of the popular games include Super 7 blackjack, European blackjack, Multiband blackjack, Blackjack MH, Blackjack Pontoon, Single Deck Blackjack, Blackjack surrender, American blackjack, and Blackjack Pirate 21.

Can I win real Bitcoins?

Yes, it is entirely possible to play blackjack using real Bitcoins and also attain your winnings in the form of real Bitcoins. A vast number of online betting casinos offer Bitcoin blackjack games where you can play the game and win actual Bitcoins.

Players can narrow down and select their favorite Bitcoin Blackjack casino websites to play at from our section of detailed casino reviews.