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Provably Fair CasinosUntil the invention of Provably Fair Casinos, there used to be one basic fact of “Casino wins at the end!” which has been very well known by every gambler. Even if you managed to win, smartly programmed algorithms make the players bet and lose the earned amount before withdrawing it. So it was inevitably hard to be on the winner side.

Besides, some scam casinos may manipulate the outcomes of the games to make you lose your deposited money. None of the players has access to the shuffled cards or card decks physically. So, they have to trust the online casinos and hope for the winning hands.

Above chronical problem and risk has been valid until the application of the Provably Fair gambling technology on the Bitcoin casino games. This innovative tool was first tested in early 2010 but not branded as “Provably Fair.” It was invented for verifying the fairness of the shuffles performed by the casinos. Outcome manipulation fears of the gamblers have already started to cast aside as this method is offered by many of the reputed Bitcoin casinos recently,

List of Top Provably Fair Casino Sites for 2019

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Playamo Casino Read Review 4.77/5 (122) €/$300 Welcome Bonus
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Bitstarz Casino Read Review 4.73/5 (40) Up to 5 BTC or €500
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Das Ist Casino Read Review 4.72/5 (54) 100% up to 0.03 BTC or €200
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CryptoWild Casino Read Review 4.7/5 (53) 200% up to 1 BTC
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FortuneJack Casino Read Review 4.69/5 (64) Up to 5 BTC
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Certificate of Trust
Provably Fair Games


mBit Casino Read Review 4.68/5 (47) 110% up to 250 mBTC or €500 Deposit Match Bonus BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DOGE +900 Bitcoin Games
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BetChain Casino Read Review 4.69/5 (59) 150% up to 1 BTC
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7BitCasino Read Review 4.64/5 (14) 100% Up to 1.5 BTC
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1xBit Casino Read Review 4.6/5 (45) 100% up to 1 BTC
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What is Provably Fair Gambling?

Provably Fair Gambling MechanismIt not only lets the players to promptly verify the authenticity of the dealt shuffle but also enables them to apply it independently and individually. All of the bets made by the gamblers are entirely fair, and this ongoing verification process is done automatedly.

But there is always an option for manual checking by hitting the button, namely “Provably Fair.” Proof can easily be achieved by completing the entrance for the required fields.

Unfair gambling applications are a primary threat for the online gamblers and the gaming industry as a whole. The Provably Fair technology can be accepted as the guardian of the fairness for the player and the casino operator side as well.

It defines and maintains the future of fair online gambling. It should become a must-use safety tool for all of the Bitcoin casino sites which aim to stay in the right crypto gambling scene forever.

Working Mechanism of Hand Verifying Method

In its purest form, a “Cryptographic Hash Function” is used by the Provably Fair casinos. Great algorithmic name of this function which is known by the programmers is “SHA256”.

The main aim of the crypto process is to hide the shuffling of a deck from the player and the dealer until it will be dealt. You may also refer to the below diagram to have a better understanding of the mechanism.

Cryptographic Hash Function Diagram used by the Provably Fair Casinos

There are mainly three steps in the Provably Fair gaming process, which are outlined below. It will be easier for you to understand the main idea after reading the below information.

Please kindly note that all of the below three steps are completed before the dealing of the hands.

  1. Servers of the Provably Fair casino generates the new deck and shuffles it by the RNG (Random Number Generator) software.
  2. Additionally, each RNG generated strings; servers also output another unique series of numbers which will be added to the main series. As a result of this combination, an encoded new single string is generated, and it is called “secret.”
  3. Generated the “SHA256” hashing algorithm cryptographically hashes “secret” string. The output is named as “hash.” Now it is time for the player to see this hash value before the dealing of the hand and verify it by making a comparison. This process prevents the manipulation of the shuffling of the decks by the online casino sites.
Provably Fair Mechanism Diagram

Provably Fair Mechanism Diagram

How to Cut the Decks at Provably Fair Gaming Websites

Cutting decks is a typical gambler action before starting a card game. Formerly it was not possible to cut the decks while playing at online casinos. Thanks to this innovative technology that it is now possible to split your decks yourself. This feature is a new sign of trust for the players.

Sounds even more secure, but how does it work?

An exclusive javascript code is used to generate a random string via the web browser of the gamer. Each time the player clicks on the “Bet” button, the browser sends the automatically-generated series to the server of the internet casino. Then the hashing process starts again.

The main idea of the process is highly similar to the verification steps. The only difference is the type of hashed RNG (Random Number Generator). “Mersenne Twister Pseudorandom Number Generator” is used for cutting and reshuffling of the decks. As the seed number is only available for the player, there is not a single possibility for the casino operators to manipulate the shuffling process.

Provably Fair Gambling Explained

Provably Fair Games Coverage

If you think that this powerful technology only serves for the card games, think twice because it is at your service for all of the game types. The only difference comes from the variety of the card decks involved in the Provably Fair gaming process.

Below are the non-card games which can be considered as “proven fair.” More can be found on the Provably Fair casino websites on the internet.

  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Baccarat

If you prefer to play one of the “Proven Fair” casino games listed above, you will have the ability to prove the fairness of the casinos. Otherwise, your online gambling experience will be similar to tossing a coin.

Final Words on the Assurance of Fair Online Gambling

We have covered the basics and the essential information on Provably Fair gaming, and we hope that you are more evident on the concept. And we firmly think that you will prefer the online casinos which offer this type of games.

Provably Fair mechanism assures both sides of the game. Not only the players but also the operators benefit from it. That is why we called it the most critical factor in the assurance of gambling.


What is the meaning of “Provably Fair” term?

It is an algorithm which maintains a secure and fair gaming environment for the gambler and the casino operator.

What are the advantages of Provably Fair games?

The player can prove results. So there will not be a single chance of manipulation regarding the games’ outcomes.

How does the “provability” mechanism work?

Players’ browsers generate a random and encoded “clientseed” before the play, and it is matched by the encoded “serverseed” of the casino. It is transmitted and verified by a cryptographic hash function called “SHA256”.

Are all of the Bitcoin casinos Provably Fair?

No. Not all of the Bitcoin casino websites offer Provably fair games. You have to search for the “Provably Fair” section or notice on the  BTC casinos. Please kindly note that all of the Bitcoin casinos with their respected reviews featured on this section offers “Proven-Fair” games.

How can I play at a Provably Fair casino?

Registration and deposit stages are the same as you play at the regular casinos. The only difference comes from the “Provably Fair” button you are offered to use for the validation of the games. Once you enter the brief information, you will have the outcome verification results instantly.

How can I deposit at a Provably Fair gambling website?

It is entirely the same process as you perform at traditional crypto and non-crypto casinos.

Which cryptocurrencies are used in Provably Fair gaming?

All of the accepted cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoins and Altcoins, can be used.

Can a Provably Fair casino still cheat?

Sure. But it is not possible to cheat you on the results of the games. It can only deceive you with the payments.

How do you verify the fairness of the games at a Bitcoin casino?

Just by clicking on the “Provably Fair” button and entering the required fields. It is an uncomplicated process which does not require any technical knowledge or know-how.

Can also traditional money casinos offer Provably Fair games?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the lack of technological infrastructure, only Bitcoin-friendly casinos can offer Provably Fair games.